Advice For Running A Fire Risk Assessment Business

Running a fire risk assessment business is very much like running any other business. You need to have the skills in place to deliver the work you promise to do, but you also have to make executive decisions. When you are the boss, everything ultimately comes down on you, so you need to take charge.

In light of helping you run a fire risk assessment business, take the following to heart.

Dedication And Motivation

There are going to be several days when you are not sure whether starting your own business was a good idea. But this is the type of thinking that won’t get you anywhere. If the choice has been made you can’t change it now. Instead, you have to find the motivation and dedication to make it through these days. Essentially, success is based on consistency and always taking that next step.

Well, you’ve already taken the first step, now find the motivation to keep going.

Gain Self Confidence To Speak To Clients

As business can’t be a business without clients. And when you are renting out your skills as a fire risk assessment professional, you need to start marketing yourself.

The best way to do this is to focus on an area where there isn’t too much competition already. In fact, if you can find an area where assessment companies are seriously lacking and the potential for business is good, lock onto it.

Then, start spreading the word that you fire risk assessment business is up and running. More importantly, start talking to building and store owners about who handles their fire risk assessment. Because the more you network and speak to people, the quicker you’ll start doing business.

Get Proof That You Know What You Are Doing

It’s only natural that people are going to ask you to prove that you have the skills. And this typically includes showing your certification and whatever else you might deem necessary.

Being able to show the certification for proper training, knowledge, and ability is a very effective way of taking your business to the top.

Example from North West Fire Solutions :

Through the disciplines and work ethics that were nurtured in the military, this has proved a sound and unique foundation with which to run a civilian business and offer the most professional service possible.

Offer Competitive Prices

It’s a newbie mistake to think that offering crazy low prices will bring in more business. In reality, the low cost can be reflecting badly on your ability to get the job done.

This means you should take a good look at what other fire risk assessment businesses are charging, then work out a competitive price. Because undercutting the competition with a significant amount will only work until you don’t have any money left to keep your business open.

Take Care Of Every Client

Last but not least, word of mouth has to be one of the most powerful ways of getting new business. In other words, the clients you help now can talk about you with some of their friends. And if you do a good job, they might even give a recommendation. And once those recommendations come rolling in, they are hard to stop. Just make sure you deliver a quality service every time.

How To Run A Fire Safety Training Company

Fire safety is something that all businesses need to take seriously and something they hire trainers for. This is why many people consider running a fire safety training company. If you are one of these people, there are a number of points you have to consider when you do this.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the Fire Risk Assessment Network ( for their input into putting this article together.

Have A List Of Safety Training You Plan To Offer

It is important that you make a list of all the fire safety training that you want to offer. This can include training fire marshals for the business or helping them create a fire safety plan. At this point, there is no limit on the services that you are going to offer. All you need to do is think about what you would like to offer and write it down.

Take The Right Courses

Once you know what training you want to offer, you need to ensure that you are qualified to do this. There are a number of train-the-trainer courses that you can complete offered by government agencies, training companies, and national organizations. These courses will provide you with the training you need to properly train other people.

There are many fire safety organizations that you can contact about training. It is recommended that you have some form of certification from these organizations to show that you are able to complete the training you offer. When you complete these courses, you will often have access to the materials used which can be incorporated into your training courses.

Get The Materials For Your Courses

Once you have all the training you need, you have to start collecting and creating the materials for the training you offer. Some of these materials can be purchased from national organizations. You can also look at creating your own courses if you feel confident with the subject matter.

When gathering your materials, you will also need to get a laptop computer, a projector and a projection screen. Projection software will also be required to provide a slide show during your training courses. This form of training is considered better than paper-based training materials.

Create A Fee Schedule

Before you start marketing your training, you need to create a fee schedule. This will be how you charge the people and companies that you provide training to. Some trainers will charge by the hour while others charge per participant and others charge a flat fee for certain training courses.